Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society

Today I love: Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society

What: Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society is an inclusive whisky tasting event, which takes place once a month in the fair city of Bristol. It started in September 2018. There are no monthly membership fees and no requirements for attendance. All you need is a sense of humour and a desire to drink some fantastic whisky.

Each monthly event has a specific theme, which gives you an idea of the types of whisky that you might sample during the night. All the whisky is tasted blind, to avoid preconceptions and ensure that everyone who attends starts from a level playing field.

Sometimes they invite a brand ambassador, who showcases the whisky of a specific distillery or producer, but for other tastings they source and supply the whisky themselves to fit to a theme. The hope being that you learn something, have some fun and drink some great whisky.

Where: The Upstairs Function Room, The Famous Royal Naval Volunteer, King Street, Bristol –

Why: Now, I have to admit upfront that I am entirely biased towards this event, given that I helped set it up and to organise it for the first year.

However, I have really enjoyed being a part of the community of people running the event and have met loads of lovely punters, who have become firmly part if the family too. The whisky has always been interesting, of great quality and showcased just how varied and dynamic a spirit whisky is. The hosts are friendly, knowledgable people who seek to involve everyone in the tasting and make everyone feel welcome. The venue is great, being buzzy enough to be cool, but classy enough to make the event feel special.

How Much: Tickets are currently £20 a person, for six whiskies.

More Info: Pop on over to their website at: or buy tickets on their Eventbrite at:

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