Burger Theory – Bottomless Burger Club

Today I love: Burger Theory – Bottomless Burger Club

What: Burger Theory is a Bristolian burger joint, which has in the last couple of years has opened venues in Cardiff and Birmingham. They pride themselves on being creative, exploring world food flavours in search of the perfect burger combination.

Add to that their commitment to source high quality ingredients from local farms and businesses and their desire to have a low environmental impact and you have a quality restaurant, not just another burger place.

The Bottomless Burger Club is their monthly event for the burger lovers of Bristol. Pay for a ticket, choose your two hours and do your worst. All that they ask is that you clear your plate before asking for another one.

Where: 37-38 St Stephen’s Street, Bristol, BS1 1JX.

Why: My brother in law and I made a rule a few years ago, that we would only buy each other gifts that benefited us both. The thinking being that if we could both get joy out of an experience, we essentially got four gifts a year instead of two. So when his birthday rolled round this year, I knew what I was getting him – two hours of burger joy for the both of us to enjoy.

The event was super well organised. We were seated quickly and taken through the ordering/eating process with good humour from our waitress. Then we set about trying to eat all the burgers on the menu. Each of them was slider sized, meaning we got chance to try a good few before filling ourselves up.  The sides were great and the beer consistently good. BUT the burgers, they were brilliant. Each one was a tiny, super flavourful little gem of a burger. They were all juicy, well cooked and well sauced. I would struggle to pick a favourite, but if forced it would have to be The Down and Dirty.

We made it through three sets of sides, three rounds of booze and four burgers each before giving up. However, I am convinced others in my timeline could do better!

How Much: £35 pounds a person, for unlimited burgers, sides and booze.

More Info: https://burgertheory.co.uk/bottomless-burger-club/


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