Downtown Taqueria

Today I love: Downtown Taqueria

What: Downtown Taqueria is a cool, vibrantly coloured restaurant with a concise, punchy menu. It sells a combination of Mexican influenced American style tacos and fresh, boozy cocktails. They play a funky set of tunes, that had us bopping and singing along and the vibe is pretty relaxed.

Where: Colston Street at the top of Christmas Steps

Why: We went on a date night Wriggle deal for my birthday and weren’t 100% sure what to expect. We found a relaxed, fun place to eat with good food and great cocktails. The food was full of flavour, each taco was filled to bursting, but each had an individual flavour. The quesadilla was unbelievably good – full of cheese and incredible flavours.  The cocktails were fresh, boozy and well mixed. We both had a Margherita and then a second cocktail from the longer menu (just to check that the first was as good as we thought). We left full and happy – the perfect combination!

How Much: The sharing platter is £25, with a veggie, meat or vegan option – the cocktails ranged between £6-9, but they do have a daily 241 happy hour, so maybe go then!

More Info: Check out their website for details: and their Insta for sexy food pics…

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