Inkie’s Smokehouse

Today I love: Inkie’s Smokehouse

What: Inkie’s is a wooden cabin nestled in the woods near Golitha Falls. In this unassuming little joint, you can find a range of smoked bbq meats that are cooked low and slow in a wood fired smoker, for a minimum of 16 hours. They source their meat locally and create all their own sauces, sides and rubs in house.

They are open from Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Where: Golitha Falls Drayness Bridge Liskeard, Draynes, Liskeard, PL14 6RX

Why: If you want to eat well on holiday, then everyone knows that you have to complete at least a month of careful research and create an in-depth excel spreadsheet to plan your itinerary down to the minute.

However, anyone who has also been on holiday with children knows that sticking to a schedule is IMPOSSIBLE. So, more often that not, I make do with the odd decent coffee and a carefully chosen ice cream. At the moment, we are trying to budget, so lots of our holiday we ate my cooking. This could be worse, but probably not a lot worse.

So, when we took a wrong turn on the A38 and the satnav re-routed us towards the A30, I thought nothing of it. Then the baby started to cry and tensions began to rise. We followed the first promising looking sign for a car park and pulled in.

We happened to have stumbled upon the glorious location of Golitha Falls (which I will cover in another post) and Inkie’s Smokehouse. I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, but when I opened my car door, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of smoked meat wafting across the car park.

Like a five year old at Christmas, I skipped across the car park and ordered the largest thing on the menu – The Woodstack. This was a bread bun, filled with smokey, juicy pulled pork, topped with a slab of beef brisket and homemade coleslaw.

The brisket was melt in the mouth excellent, with a hugely flavoursome rub coating the outside. The pulled pork, was deep, juicy and also well marinated. The creamy, zesty coleslaw was the perfect foil for the meat. Even the bun was soft, but maintained its structural integrity throughout.

As I sat for ten minutes grinning and thrusting tender, moist and beautifully flavoured meat into my mouth, I felt like I was in BBQ heaven.

How Much: Between £6 and £12 will get you a main course at Inkies. This is excellent value considering the work that has been put in to the food.

More Info: Seems like the best thing to do, is either go or like them on Facebook –

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