Today I love: Kingdomino

What: Kingdomino is a fun family board game for 2-4 players. Players build a five by five square kingdom of large, colourful domino tiles. The only rule is that they must make sure that as they play each tile, one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type or that it is touching their castle space.

Where: Small enough to play at home or take it to the pub with you. You just need a small flat space per player.

Why: We are a super gamesy family, so we are always on the look out for games that sit in our family sweet spot. They must be simple enough that we can explain them to our six year old daughter, whilst being complex enough to sustain our interest as adults. Being short enough to play without the need for snacks is a bonus!

The mechanics of this game are simple, so explaining the basic rules happened quickly and meant our daughter got it straight away – within one or two games. The only thing she needs to check is the 5×5 square rule, but that is no biggie. The tiles have a good weight to them and are pleasing to place together, so the experience is enjoyable win or lose. There are a few extra rules about placement which have made it interesting enough for us as adults and kept us thinking about the tactics. We also like the way that turn order differs and better tiles can be sacrificed in order for first go in the next round of tiles.

Ultimately, this is a simple, but dynamic game that is fun to play and enjoyable for our whole family.

How Much: You can pick it up for between £15-20 from Amazon – Buy Kingdomino

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