Seven Lucky Gods

Today I love: Seven Lucky Gods

What: Seven Lucky Gods is a Japanese style Izakaya bar and restaurant, create by the team behind Hyde & Co, The Milk Thistle, The Ox, Pata Negra & Bambalan.

For the uninitiated like me, an Izakaya is an informal Japanese pub style, mostly frequented by people for after work drinks and light bites. You can equate it to a sort of eastern version of tapas.

The bar is made up of two parts, a funkily lit cargo container, with a bar/restaurant  area and a large sun terrace area. Both feel informal, but on still on the posher side, so it makes a good place to hang out for drinks or for a birthday meal.

The food menu is made up of a wide variety of small plate times, split between vegetarian, seafood and meat options. The drinks menu is made up of Japanese beers and carefully crafted cocktail.

Where: Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RW –

Why: Seeking somewhere new to eat with my family and friends who had come into town, we followed our instagram feed noses and headed for some glorious looking small plate food. Most of our party had at some time or another lived in Japan, so this also played a big role in our choice.

On arrival, the staff were friendly, gave us a choice of sitting on the terrace or in the restaurant – given that we had two little ones with us, we opted for the inside space and were attentive to us through out. Our server took time to talk us through the menu, explaining the less spicy options for our daughter and were even happy to take dishes apart to make them more accessible for her!

We drank a variety of drinks, including draft beer, Cocktails, Jasmine Tea and Kombucha – all of which were well made and fairly priced. I was very taken by the highball style Japanese grain whisky cocktail that I opted for.

Food wise, all of the plates were as beautiful as social media content had promised and each was well flavoured, different and perfectly cooked. For me the highlights were the Pork and Grapefruit salad, which was zesty, salty and delicious and the Chicken Wings, which were spicy, sticky and very moist.

How Much: As with most small plate places, you can easily rack up a big bill, but with plates between £5-11, with some careful choices you could keep the bill to a less extreme level than ours! They recommend 3-4 plates per person and this left us full and happy.

More Info: You can pop to their site and sign up for a mailing list – or go drool over the pictures on Instagram –

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